<![CDATA[Make Time with Katy Chaplin - START YOUR TO DO LIST]]>Sun, 15 Jul 2018 18:28:29 +0100Weebly<![CDATA[Starting your 'to-do' list: MY TOP 10]]>Wed, 20 Jun 2018 06:29:03 GMThttp://maketimeforliving.co.uk/start-your-to-do-list/starting-your-to-do-list-my-top-10 As you can see... Horse riding was on there! It was fantastic! I would never have challenged myself to do this before I became determined to try anything and everything!

You may have some 'big, once in a lifetime' ideas but remember, your 'To-Do' is picked entirely at random (use the random number selection link here; www.google.com/search?q=metronome) Here are my top 10...

1) Go to a music concert (yes, I had reached the grand old age of 25 and never visited a concert in arena!)

​2) Watch 'Gone With the Wind'... A movie classic!

3) Learn a Line Dance Routine. This was so much fun - I went the extra mile and made sure I looked the part too!

4) Write a short story. This was something I had been planning to do for some time. I MADE TIME

5) A tutorial on church bell-ringing. This was a brave one, but SO educational. It turns out, bell-ringing is very difficult! Whenever I now hear them, I know how hard they work. 

6) Be in the audience of a TV show. This was an excellent day out and an opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes.!

7) Visit a local pub I had never been in. This was so surprising - I have often walked or driven past these pubs my entire life, but had never took a step into one! I have now found new places to socialise.

8) Pole Dancing Class. Pole dancing or 'pole gymnastics', is an art form and very, very difficult to do. This was an exercise class! Nothing risque!

9) Draw a famous landmark. I hadn't drawn a picture since school. It was a calming experience.

10) Learn basic conversational Spanish. This led to a themed evening with friends and learning about the Spanish culture! Bonus! 

So there you are! I had and continue to have fun by MAKING TIME and the trepidation  of what might come out the hat next is exciting in itself. 

Go ahead and create your personal To-Do List and remember - MAKE TIME. Please leave ideas below - it would be great for me to get new inspiration too! ]]>